New, factory-built text terminals
for mainframe and server-based computing

Video display terminals with CRT

New, factory-built text terminals with CRT display: easily maintain and update your mainframe systems.




New ANSI and ASCII keyboards for ADDS and DEC VT text terminals.


Boundless Technologies (formerly ADDS) has been building text terminals and video displays for the world's largest companies for over 40 years. Our powerful, secure and easy-to-use text terminals are compatible with most UNIX, XENIX, PICK, multi-user DOS and other operating systems. Emulations include Wyse, DEC VT, TeleVideo, IBM 3153, ADDS Viewpoint, PCTerm and many more.

Purchase Boundless terminals through our value added reseller (VAR) network or call  (800) 231-5445.


Latest News

 Boundless has discontinued its "Littlefoot" text terminals.

TeleVideo terminal replacements available now from Boundless Technologies, a reliable, experienced source of factory-built text terminals. >>more

New, factory-built ANSI keyboards are plug-in compatible with ADDS and DEC VT terminals,  no programming required. >>more

New vs. refurbished text terminals

The advantages of buying new, factory-built text terminals outweigh the marginal savings of buying refurbished text terminals.

First, a new Boundless terminal comes with a three-year warranty. While that's longer than most refurbishers offer, it's not even the most important thing. The main benefit is that you can expect your new terminal to last for many more years after the warranty ends than a refurb would.  Why? A refurbished text terminal will be many years old – with many of its components nearing the end of their expected lifetime – before it even reaches you. With a new terminal, you get all new components – and maximum expected lifetime for your investment.

Second, with a new Boundless terminal you can get the exact configuration you need. Choose from our extensive line of systems and options. For most models we will customize the hardware and software, add your logo or splash screen, and more.

Boundless text terminals are manufactured at our ISO 9001:2008 certified factory in Western New York. They are built to order at the quantity and delivery schedule you need. Call us today!


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